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Rachel Ji Gorsky
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s h e
--exists, floating amongst the tattered remains of stories untold, of puppet strings and dolls, of life between living. She pulls from nothing breaths like screams, kisses like fire, and time that flows like water. She dances through dead woods and frolics through mire, attached to no ground, she wears Tulips in her hair. She obsesses over the timid sensuality of emaciated lines and the delirious insanity of the drug induced nightmares of laughter brought forth by music.

--want to belt out tunes with words only in tongues, I want to do ballet partnered with trees and leaves and the boughs above. If I were of Bacchus I’d be the best of them all. I’d raise my arms to heaven and shake with the divine ecstasy of form. I’d tear my arms to pieces, and claw through the tender hold of love. I would dance ‘till my feet bled, sing my throat raw and dry until even the wind could no longer join me. I would be the sister of nymphs, and a lover only to the sun wrapped around my skin. I would be youth personified.

l i s t e n

If you have no voice: Scream
Chase the morning

If you have no legs: Run
Yield for nothing

If you have no hope: Invent
Why can we never go back to bed?
No dawn

Whose is the voice ringing in my head?
No day

Where is the sense in these desperate dreams?
I’m always in this twilight

Why should I wake when I'm half past dead?

s e e
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