You keep scratching my back and I'll scratch out your eyes~

Eugh, tired and stressed out unbelievably much. I was right, the sophomores aren't doing Chinese house. Welllll fuck them it'll be better without them. *huffs* It's just so hard to get ahold of people...I set up a meeting with the Dean of Housing to see what's the deal with getting Wilson. Just found out it's significantly more expensive than a regular dorm (which I expected but) and I'm worried that it'll deter a lot of people. This upsets me. but so long as I can still get 4 people! It'll be okay. It'll happen. I just have to keep telling myself this until Wednesday and then it'll be official. This is like my baby D8 It's been keeping me up at night. I keep hallucinating conversations with people about it. >.< Means I'm super tired now. Ugh. One cup of coffee just doesnt do it for me anymore. I was nearly out in Bio. It was bad.

This song makes me weirdly happy. >.< It's such a freaksong. Yaaaaay Itunes Genius Reccomendationsssss.
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How weird...I just came home to a house full of sleeping people...Seriously, no one's awake...and it's 630. I question.
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Guys we need to have like, rediculousness party sleepover on Prom weekend!! Because my parents are going to be out of town!!!! (On that note, I'm definately going to be needing to stay somewhere because even though I'll be able to drive and have stayed home on my own before, there's no way my parents will let me on prom weekend.)

And, and, we should get our hair and makeup done at that weirdo salon spa place in the mall. Because we can.

And Prom is the day before my bday. XP

Oh yeah my parents are leaving because my sister's graduation is that weekend~
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I gets to do a meme~

Rarity among rarities. Tagged by Geet~

A. List seven habits/quirks/facts about yourself.
B. Tag seven people to do the same.
C. Do not tag the person who tagged you or say that you tag "whoever wants to do it"

1. I am a misanthrope~
2. I twitch when I have too much caffeine
3. G'uhhhh I can only sleep for 2 hours at a time before waking up
4. I has cat
5. I like making stupid bio jokes
6. I have relationship issues (once I get into a relationship that I really wanted I'm always like, LET ME OUT within a week -.-)
7. I like wine~ Hee~

So this tagging thing...You can't tag the person who tagged you, so geet's out...and geet already tagged jess and niky...and thos're my three at that. ^^;;

P.S. Why is Mrs. Kretzler at my house???
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I reeally need new icons...

So...I didn't get much for christmas this year...but that means that I get lots of stuffs after christmas because things are on sale~ I now own 4 more jackets than I used to, a pair of boots, and slippers~ Hee~

Brother finally left, one down, one to go. Lauren leaves tomorrow for DC. She's going to be living there with her boyfriend for a week? Uh. Right then. Anyways, house will be mine again! Woohoo! Oh, and she'll be moving to Oregon with Joel now too eventually. o.O Oregon? Really?

Other than that, hw needs to stop and I need to stop freaking out about Braithwaite. I swear to God once this term is over I will be the happiest person alive.
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Okay! So. I've decided to make my journal friends only. Wanna know why? Because my banner says so. 8Dd Lovely ruffling made it for me and I can't bear to ignore it! *overdramatic swoon* So we're following suit with my other friends~. If you wanna friend my journal, post a comment here~. Danke schoen! Spaseebo! Arigato! 谢谢! and Merci! (Thank you)
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*is existant I swear*

Surprise! I'm still alive! XD Woooo.

Totally forgot about family presents, whoops. Sooo yay for last minute downloading french music off limewire. 8Dd

Anyways, Merry Christmas all! Do enjoy yourselves~~
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Self! You equal fail! So very much so! It's 1 am and you've done no hw whatsoever! Haaaahaha. Oh wow. All I've gotten accomplished tonight is a full body drawing of Madul.

Blisters are healing! 8D Don't think I need those bandaids tom! Yay!

Shopping was fun~~ I heart buying stupid things for people. I hope you all don't hate me because I'm terrible with gifts...I just figured they were awesome and bought them for you anyways~ ;D

Oh! And throwing up at school then proceeding to take a bio test = no.

And in conclusion: "Where's your pretty daughter Na-la~~??" (It's been running through my head all night)
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